Balazs Faluvegi

ESG and Investment Analyst, Author

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- Born in 1979.

- Graduated as an Economist in 2001, Banking Expert (FEBI) in 2002 and Investment Analyst (EFFAS) in 2007. 

- Holding a Stock Exchange exam, Wealth-, Fund- Portfolio Management (VAP) exam and the Chartered Market Technician (CMT) Level 3 exam from the Market Technicians Association.

- Completed the US SIF Fundamentals of Sustainable and Impact Investment course, and received the Certified European Environmental, Social, and Governance Analyst (CESGA) diploma from EFFAS (The European Federation of Financial Analyst Societies).

- Started career in 1997 at a Fund Management company, worked at an investment brokerage and a research firm as an analyst. From 2007 held portfolio management and leadership positions at Fund Management companies.

- Took part in founding a wealth management firm, with a successful IPO.

- In 2015 became a co-founder of the first CEE robo-advisor startup, called Blueopes, which is unique in all Europe by focusing on Socially Responsible Investing in an automated way. Blueopes has been selected as one of the most promising fintech startups by T-Systems, and won one of the biggest Hungarian Banks (MKB) fintech competition. In 2017 PwC Poland selected Blueopes as one of the Top 10 fintech startups and started to develop services together for commercial banks and asset managers in the region. In 2017 Blueopes was awarded the Best Fintech Startup Award by the Central European Startup Awards in Hungary, in 2018 the BBVA Open Talent Best Fintech for Sustainable Finance Award, in 2019 the Global WealthTech Top 100 by Fintech Global and the Best Fintech in Hungary by Valuer. In 2020 it was selected by the jury to the 20 most promising startup published by FintechZone. The firm was sold in late 2021.

- Founded the nonprofit project of Blue Valew, A revolutionary way of measuring Value for all Stakeholders, for those, who want to see the whole picture: Social Responsibility and Financial Value in one.

- Advised issuers on ESG Strategy and Reporting, among them were one of the biggest Integrated Energy sector firm, Independent Transmission Operator, IT developer group or Technical University group in the CEE region. A member of the Advisory Board at Stradamus Inc., a green finance consulting firm for several Budapest Stock Exchange members.  

- Held courses at the Corvinus University in Budapest, and at the Budapest Stock Exchange official events. Written four books about investments, and co-authored the International Training Centre for Bankers earlier VAP textbook. My investment blog received the 2nd place at HVG's Goldenblog Awards in 2007 in the Business Section. 

- Former Co-Founder, Chairman and Member of the Board at the Hungarian Fintech Association, an organization whose members services are used by more than 2.5 million people directly or indirectly. 

- Member of the Mensa. 

- Featured in the local and regional economic media in hundreds of occasions. I wrote articles regularly (mostly technical analysis) for the most popular Hungarian business portal:

- Area of expertise covers: Socially Responsible Investing (SRI); Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) research; stock markets; fundamental and technical analysis; absolute return strategies; wealthtech. 

- Besides making investment decisions based on SRI, sustainability is important in other aspects of life: Electric Vehicle, selective waste collection, purchasing from ethical sources, living in an environmentally friendly loghouse building with cellulose insulation, collecting rainwater for gardening, using solar panels.