Implicit atheist (no hard feelings at all for peaceful religions)

EV user

Father of two boys


LOHAS consumer

Loghouse owner

National Geographic collector

OpenSociety advocate

Social libertarianist

Solar- and infrapanels evangelist

SRI and ESG advisor 

Social Issues

Abortion rights: pro-choice (strictly until 12th week).

Capital Punishment: against it, but under certain conditions lifetime prison can be changed to assisted suicide.

Climate change: proven. Supporting the Paris Treaty, and radical development in renewable energy. Nuclear energy is OK, until green energy has high enough share.

Cultural dimensions: Closer to... individualism vs collectivism, ...distributes power vs. hierarchy, ...low uncertainty avoidance vs. high uncertainty avoidance, ...long-term orientation vs. short term orientation.

Euthanasia: full support.

Gay Rights: supporting gay marriage and adoption.

Gender and Minorities workplace equality: supporting it, but quotas are not a good way to achieve it.

Gun control: weapons with the capacity of killing many people are not a fundamental right to have, but smaller guns with strict control at buying is.

Immigration: refugees from war zones should be accepted equally among all developed nations, and economic immigrants with full families after strict research and limited numbers.

Net neutrality: full support.

Safe spaces in universities: against it, freedom of speech is more important.

Universal Basic Income: support it, after comprehensive testing.

(More: a detailed blog post about issues here in Hungarian, also my ISideWith profile here (parties) & here (US 2020 POTUS nominees.), My manual rankings of 2020 POTUS nominees here. 8values result here., Hungarian preferences from the 2018 elections here. Also according to the Cultural Dimension Test by IDRLabs I'm closest to Ireland.)

Causes and Organizations supported (donation and/or volunteering)


Keep the CEU in Hungary


Mensa (member)

Migration Aid (during the Russian - Ukraine war)

NOE Animal Shelter

Peter Cerny Foundation

Tégy Jót Alapítvány




Leisure time activities with my family

Watching American Football

Watching Documentaries 

Watching Formula 1

Collecting National Geographic magazines

Hiking, mostly "Kék Túra" in Hungary


Watching Rotoscope Movies

Studying Philosophy

Scuba Diving

Studying Sleep and Dreams, especially Lucid Dreams

Playing Stratego (board game)