Abortion rights: pro-choice (until 12th week).

Capital Punishment: Against it, but at certain conditions lifetime prison can be changed to assisted suicide.

Climate change: Proven. Supporting the Paris Treaty, and radical development in renewable energy. Nuclear energy is OK, until green energy has high enough share.

Euthanasia: full support.

Gay Rights: supporting gay marriage and adoption.

Gender and Minorities workplace equality: supporting it, but quotas are not a good way to achieve it.

Gun control: Weapons with the capacity of killing many people are not a fundamental right to have, but smaller guns with strict control at buying is.

Immigration: Refugees from war zones should be accepted equally among all developed nations, and economic immigrants with full families after strict research and limited numbers.

Net neutrality: full support.

Safe spaces in universities: Against it, freedom of speech is more important.

(A detailed blog post about issues here in Hungarian)